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Cape Carteret Aquatic & Wellness Center
300 Taylor Notion Road
Cape Carteret, NC 28584
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Cape Carteret's preferred Insurance agency is SFI Group, Inc.

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Cape Carteret Homeowners Insurance is something near and dear to our hearts at SFI Group, Inc.  We are a property and casualty insurance agency licensed in and specializing in writing homeowners and auto insurance in Cape Carteret and the surrounding area. SFI Group, Inc has proudly served our clients for more than twenty-five years. Our commitment is to provide the best service possible at all times. It is this principle that guides our every action.  Click or call us today for your Cape Carteret Homeowners Insurance quote.  We are positive you will be happy you did!

At SFI Group, Inc. we are dedicated a level of excellence seldom seen from insurance agents in our area!  Our insurance agents are quick to respond to your needs with the right information to help you. As we have seen through the years, not all homeowners insurance companies are offering quality insurance packages to Cape Carteret homeowners insurance policyholders.  But the carriers that SFI Group, Inc represents offer the finest coverage for very competitive prices. 

We specialize in providing insurance policies for homeowners in Cape Carteret and NFIP flood insurance.  We also offer special insurance deals for your personal cars and trucks. Please click on a request to quote for your free quote. You can also quote your flood insurance and auto insurance on our website. Just click the link and start your Cape Carteret Homeowners Insurance quote today.  One of our insurance specialists will contact you shortly.



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101 Dolphin St.
Cape Carteret, NC 28584
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